Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Rodger, the Super Elephant

I always take the softie photos on the corridor, in front of my flat - and my neighbours sometimes come up to me to have a look at the softies. While I was shooting Rodger, my neighbour's mom was surprised to learn that this elephant had been made for an 18 year old girl. She thought she was too old for a softie. I didn't agree, of course!
I told her the story of Rodger: Hannah's Auntie asked her what she wanted as a present for her birthday, and Hannah's first idea was my blog, so she immediately drew her old friend, Rodger, the super elephant. She was lovely enough to make another sketch to show me how Rodger 'might' look like from the side, plus I got the super emblem - every hero needs one!! And here came one of my favourite comments from Hannah about the cape with the super emblem: "...the cape ties around his neck in a bow so he can take it off when he is not working". Are you surprised I loved emailing with Hannah?

Her grandma says when Hannah was a baby, she had the same confused looking eyebrows and that a super elephant with the same is "gorgeous":-)

Szuperelefánt - irigyelhetjük az angolokat, akiknek a szolgálatába áll nemsokára!

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