Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Makayla's hippo was my 300th softie. And for a long time I thought it was lost... Later we learnt that it had probably been stuck in the US customs, and the day when it arrived safe and sound was the best day of that week!! :-)

The order for the hippo was placed by Makayla's aunt. She is such a lovely lady, she was so patient and understanding while we were waiting for the news about the hippo package. And she did everything in secret: nobody in the family knew about the softie project, so we had to wait until she visited Makayla's family -  quite naturally she wanted to deliver the hippo in person and not to take the risk sending the hippo in the mail one more time!

And now the 300th softie, created by Makayla (she was 6 when the hippo was born in paper) and me:

artist and her creature having a rest :-)

hippos in their original habitat

A kis dagi volt a 300. firkajószág, ami elkészült. Nagyon lassan ért Amerikába - mondjuk, mit csodálkozom, ilyen testtel és kurta lábakkal nyilván eltartott egy darabig a séta...

Monday, 24 March 2014

Blue men & yellow tails

This is our third project with Emily. We started with a couple in love, then came dozens of tiny little softies, who enjoyed sack-race.
This time one "big" (just 7 inches) and two small blue guys (3.5 inches). And Emily has so many other exciting designs!! :-)

old and new softies together
Emily's page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/X.O.X.page

Új, kék firkaférfiak Emily történetéhez.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I have already made lots of softies for girlfriends, boyfriends, brides, bridegrooms, wives and husbands, but never for a hopefully future girlfriend.
Kinaari is this hopefully-future-girlfriend's "spirit animal", the combination of her two favourite animals: turtles and whale sharks. As whale sharks are really big, the softie is quite big, too - it's half a meter long. The boy in love chose these colours, because he thinks they are close to reality but girlish at the same time.

different views
Szerelmi báj-firkajószág. Reméljük, levette a lábáról a kiszemelt hölgyet :-)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mobster Lobster

 I would be curious to know how 7-year-old Elsie could think of this creature. I loved every little detail of it. Including all the parts the name of which I don't even know in English...:) Anyway, I enjoyed working on this softie. Mostly handstitched, which can be so relaxing. At least for me...

And one more thing: Elsie's mom is the kind of customer, with whom it's a pleasure to cooperate! Isn't it heartwarming to know if someone is grateful for sharing your creativity and inspiring children and others to do so? Everyone needs words like these sometimes :)

Elsie bámulatos banditája besurran Amerikába.

Monday, 17 March 2014

"Mom" softie

Birthe's mom worked together with some kids from a school last year, they made a project together. When the project ended, the children gave her this portrait - she loves the portrait, so Birthe thought she would be happy to have a 3D version of it.

And a detail I loved very much: the kids painted a pair of trousers first, but then realized that Birthe's mom never wore trousers, so they "overpainted" the original jeans into a skirt :-)

Birthe mamája  nadrágban szoknyában :-)

Monday, 3 March 2014


Rookie, the black&white doggie in red jumper is Marina's friend. Besides Marina, Rookie has two other friends named Boogaloo and Hermione, with whom he goes on fun adventures - Marina makes cool stories about them, and she was longing to have a 3D Rookie :-)

And something else: Marina was super excited about her softie, and I know from her mom that she does a little hand sewing, and I am quite the inspiration for her... she may be a future softie maker! She has already made an owl for her friend - trust me, the owl looks cute!! :-)

Rookie Amerikában keveredik kalandokba a barátaival, krónikásuk Marina.