Friday, 24 January 2014

Twin bunnies

The beginning of this year was absolutely international: one softie to Hawaii, one to Canada, two to Israel and these two bunnies to South-Korea.
The bunnies evoke nice family memories for an aunt and her niece.

p.s. the ears look violet in the drawing, but they had to be sewn in pink:) and the bunnies had to be able to sit. and quite obviously the needed a tail!

Két újragyártott firkanyúl egy nagynéninek és az unokahúgának. Fontos volt, hogy minden pici részlet egyezzen a rajzzal: a fülek belseje és rogyadozottságuk (jó, lehet, hogy ilyen szó nem létezik...:-)), a kis fekete félgömb szemek, a hímzett orr, a csipke a ruhán.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Softies from 2013

Some more Christmas softies from last year.

Girls first - I loved the very special solution of the artist, Panna for the legs!

Pumpkin - it was Aron's (8) fervent desire.

Giant Budino Monster for Sofia (5) to Italy.

And one more softie for Sophie (3.5) to England. It was her first person drawing - I was asked to create the flower stamp on the forehead as well :-)

Tavalyi karácsonyi firkababák.