Turn your children’s drawings into a real toy!

Have you ever thought of your child as an art designer? With FirkaBaba this is reality.

Your child enjoys drawing and painting, so you surely would like to encourage them to continue being creative.

Their drawings are leaning to the books on the shelves, they are stuck to the fridge door, even hanging on the wall at grandma’s – you are still looking for something which is more huggable that can take a more active part in your kid’s life?

Something that can’t be bought in the shops.
Something that is unique and special.
More than a mere soft toy.
A 3D print of your child’s imagination.

Owning a Firkababa soft toy will give your children the joy of playing with their own imaginary friend brought into life by your kid with the help of Firkababa.

More than half a thousand parents have chosen Firkababa to turn their kid’s visual dreams into reality.

Be one of these creative parents to make your kid’s art piece become a real member of your family!

Write us a letter including your ideas about your kid's new softie, and we will get back to you soon!

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