Thursday, 31 May 2012

Maya again

Can you remember Maya's softie? Well, Maya has a loving family and her mom asked me to make something for her twin sister based on the original drawing. She liked the holder I sewed from my nephew's bike-drawing, so she asked for a similar linen holder.

Here it is:

 And the very beginning:

Ladder elephant vacuum cleaner and his friends

This time softies for a very talented Polish family.

Julia's mermaid and her father (merdad...?):


 Miko's unique hanging softie:


 And finally Jakub's fantastic ladder elephant vacuum cleaner:

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Donkey remake

Another special request: Martin got this donkey called Samit when he was born. They became best friends but unfortunately Samit got lost some months ago, which made Martin very sad. When his mom found my site she thought I could reproduce the donkey. I was lucky to find the perfect male sock and Martin's mom started to prepare him for the arrival of "new" Samit - they were wondering whether he can find his way back home. And guess what! Samit was knocking at their door this morning - on Martin's birthday!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Dad's dragon

Well, it's not a kid's drawing. It's a father's drawing for his daughter. And his adult daughter asked me to bring the dragon to life.

When she was a little girl, her dad used to draw this dragon for her all the time. It was a very special memory for both of them. When her father passed away she wanted to have a little part of him to hold onto. I couldn't say no and the dragon has come to life.

(It was never drawn in colour but these are the colours she imagined for her dragon.)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mama Rose and Baby Rose

A reader of mine got confused because she found Rose the Pegacorn on another softie-maker's site, too. She wanted to know whether the parents ordered two different versions of the same softie. Well, the answer is yes.

Yes, for them it was important to get two different interpretations of the same drawing - a Mama Rose and a Baby Rose. So they asked both Abby and me to make a Pegacorn. The two Roses arrived on different days - both 'birthdays' are marked in the family's calendar :-)  Baby Rose has wire in her legs so she can pose, and Mama Rose is a bit cuddlier than her baby. And both of them are loved very much!

Hey, two Roses, feel yourselves lucky to belong to that family! :-)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Twin robots

Were you able to draw a robot like this when you were 3.5 years old? Malachy was!

I especially liked this order because Malachy's father had brilliant ideas - it was him who asked me to make the arms a solid colour and all the other parts white with colour outline. And it was his idea to use fabrics of different textures, too.

I sewed two robots because Malachy has a half-sister - they rarely see each other, so this robot is something she can treasure.