Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Summer Soft Toys 2014 - Vol.3

Vol.3 = it is so difficult to classify plushies... well, here you can see mainly monsters, a unicorn, a special 3-in-1 creature and my first vehicle softies. The rotor of the helicopter can turn around!

Have I told you, it is fun to follow kids' imagination and to help them create their own soft toys...? ;-)

3 softies in 1 by Lykke, 4

Mrs and Baby Budino turned into soft toys from Sofia's drawing - poor Mrs Budino...

Golden unicorn plush designed by Beth, 6

A special home-leaving plushie for Elliot, 17

"Happy monster" drawn by Erin, sewn by me

Koby's (5) mom is a helicopter pilot in Australia!

"Bubbles" is the nickname of a beloved auntie - yes, it's another birthday plushie!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Summer Soft Toys 2014, Vol.2

Vol.2 = plushies from animal drawings: cat with a hat, small cat, large cat and non-cats.

This tiger was designed by Kenzie for her vet mom in Texas- until the time she starts curing real tigers ;-)

Pretty tiger design by Mackenzie, 6

Eli-Birgitte's Hat Cat softie - the drawing that calls for a plushie!
Custom stuffed animals make perfect "first-day-at-school" gift :-)
Girlish soft dog toy inspired by Alice's drawing - with some extra pics:)
The mom said it was a dog, but I always thought of him as a pink (and orange) panther...:)
PĆ¼nktchen the centipede - soft toy birthday present for a 30-year-old daughter
 Custom plushie "The Purple Octopus" by Brett, a big kid:) He works for Warner Brothers - not a surprise at all, is it? :-)
Remake of a lost plushie - big joy of a little girl somewhere in Australia

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Summer Soft Toys 2014, Vol.1

Vol.1 = drawings about humans reborn as plushies. At least more or less human...:)
Best birthday gift? A custom stuffed doll from your childhood drawing :-)

Jack and his plush sister holding hands forever

Bronte is only 3, but she already cretaed her own toy to play with
A bit confused - it even can happen to soft toys...     

Plumber softie with all the necessary equipment