Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Summer Soft Toys 2014 - Vol.3

Vol.3 = it is so difficult to classify plushies... well, here you can see mainly monsters, a unicorn, a special 3-in-1 creature and my first vehicle softies. The rotor of the helicopter can turn around!

Have I told you, it is fun to follow kids' imagination and to help them create their own soft toys...? ;-)

3 softies in 1 by Lykke, 4

Mrs and Baby Budino turned into soft toys from Sofia's drawing - poor Mrs Budino...

Golden unicorn plush designed by Beth, 6

A special home-leaving plushie for Elliot, 17

"Happy monster" drawn by Erin, sewn by me

Koby's (5) mom is a helicopter pilot in Australia!

"Bubbles" is the nickname of a beloved auntie - yes, it's another birthday plushie!