Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hattie & Milo

Hattie the rabbit and Milo the monkey are from a book Lisa illustrated for her kids – she was doing a degree in illustration and wanted to have a 'real' Hattie and Milo to go with her  book. She would have liked to get a softie Hattie as close to her drawing as possible, including even the different overlaying colours. I had no idea how I would be able to create this effect, but Lisa is a very co-operative woman and she advised me to use fabric pastel sticks. Which was impossible to find in Budapest… But that’s what E-bay is for! :-)

As Hattie dresses up as a bear in Lisa’s book, she was trying to make a teddy bear costume for her with a bow on the top of it, but it was impossible for her to find the fabric I used on the internet. And I am a co-operative woman, too, so I sent some of the fabric to the UK, and our common project could have been completed!

Hopefully Lisa’s book will get published and Hattie and Milo will be famous! If you are interested to see some of Lisa's work, have a look at this link:


Milo - with a smile and some hair

Hattie's bear-costume

And a little extra: Lisa had a model of Hattie made using a 3D printer. Will 3D printers ever take over a softiemaker’s job..?

Monday, 1 June 2015

Animals with and without wings

How to classify a big bunch of softies? Well, check whether they can fly or not!

First the ones that can fly:
Greg's green goose
Christa's graceful ostrich

A penguin in pink
A duck, who loves music
He has wings, doesn't he?!:)

Mousebro softie - the mixture of a Wyvern and a mouse, of course

A classic one: Rainbow Pegasus Unicorn

And the softies that still wait for their wings:

Ellie's pandas

Cherie's reborn squid

Platybunny for Sara's "other half"

Anniversary crab for Mauro's "other half"

Michael's caterpillar

Daniel's mammoth
Ethan's dino together with the happy designer
And two very clever sisters, who can read my mind - so one of them drew a bird, the other one a unicorn :-)

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Girls and boys

Pretty people from all around the world!

Efrosini from Greece:

Princess Peyton from Nevada:

Isabelle from Australia:

Danielle from The Netherlands:

 Rashid also from The Netherlands:

A sad softie from California:

Veda from Michigan:

And a young couple from Vancouver:

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


This time we have to use this politically correct term, because these softies are women and men, girls and boys from around the whole wide world.

First two softies for Fiona's family:

Esmi's daughter drew a picture of herself: "A brown hair girl with green and red hair barrettes with black shoes ;)"

One of Bogica's last drawings turned into a softie for her father:

Connor drew himself together with his baby brother:

And "Grandma's hair sticks up in the morning when she wakes up" :-)

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

One more cat

And a special one! The "love-at-first-sight" kind of cat. The model is Alice's family's cat called Mocha. Important info from Alice's mom: Mocha has claws in the back, not the front and she has very furry ears and face :-) 

Softie Mocha wasn't very photogenic... black face, repositioned head and claws - you know this time I think it was necessary to be different from the drawing in certain aspects. Anyway, we did our best, softie cats are pretty patient photo models!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Cats again

I haven't made exact statistics but I dare say cats are one of the most popular animals put on paper by kids. And yes, tigers are cats, too! Just a little bigger and wilder ones.

Crazy Color Cat by Daisy:

Sweet little white kitty by Anoushka:

And Fluffy, the tiger for Emma:
(Fluffy has a story: Royal Mail is usually very reliable, but this time it was slower than ever... which means Fluffy didn't arrive in time to wait for Emma under the Christmas tree. Emma's mom found out a story for her daughter: "Santa noticed the elves hadn't written Fluffy on your tiger's chest, and he only noticed when they were loading the sleigh. So he has sent Fluffy back to the elves workshop for them to add Fluffy's name and make her perfect. He'll have to though send Fluffy by post from the North Pole and she'll arrive in a few days." And the story with a print out photo of Fluffy softie worked!)

Monday, 9 February 2015

Softie and facts in black and white

To tell you the truth it is so much easier to post a softie on Facebook when you are in a hurry. And the advantage of Facebook is that you can get immediate feedback, which is not so common here on the blog but it helps a softiemaker to survive everyday struggles. This is the main reason why I neglected my poor blog for a while... I'm trying to return back :-)

I loved every little detail of this black and white self-portrait made by Sally's sister at the age of 4 or 5. She was turning 24 last December and she was pretty surprised to get this softie for her birthday.

And some details that are not often shown on Facebook: