Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Girl dolls, boy dolls

Pretty people's drawings turned into custom stuffed dolls from all around the world!

Efrosini from Greece:
Turn your self-portrait into a soft toy!

Princess Peyton from Nevada:
Custom stuffed princess

A fantastic drawing to work with! Isabelle's self-portrait from Australia:
Are you feeling like making your own stuffed version, too?:)

Danielle' cuddly toy from The Netherlands:
Custom portrait with custom doggie

 Rashid's drawing into a doll also from The Netherlands:
I made a mom very happy with this special softie

A sad girl from California:
Soft hair, soft tears, soft heart - a soft toy altogether

Veda's doll from Michigan:
The perfect custom doll to play with: your own self-portrait

And a young couple from Vancouver:
Custom dolls as a wedding gift - a little something to start their life together:)

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