Friday, 20 June 2014

Cat & Bug - The war of custom plushies

Quite a strange couple... Soft toys designed by an Italian boy, whose mom sent me the most fantastic feedback I think I've ever had. You know I made a little stamp from the original drawing and first of all the boy was surprised to see it on the envelope. And when he opened it, he was speechless, he couldn't believe his eyes, he had no idea how it was possible to see his drawings turned into softies, and later he was happy to realize he was the only person in the world to own these softies:)
Create your own toys and...
(I have readers who have sharp eyes for the details:) FYI: I was asked to make the cat's limbs thicker but not to make the navel!)
.... you can create stories with them :-)
I have a few questions in connections with these plushies though:

- how did the cat and bug meet?
- are they friends or enemies?
- why does the cat need a swatter? does he want to use it to kill the bug?!
- what kind of flag is in the bug's hand? (by the way, is it a hand...?)
Picture of a tiny little soft toy - just to give you and idea of size
Kérdéseket felvető macska és bogár. Légycsapó és zászló. Ja, a macska hajában két fölzselézett tincs. A bogár meg tud fintorogni.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Big Blue Supercat Softie

Mattia wanted a 1-meter-tall custom cat plushie first...:) I managed to convince him it would be toooooo big! But even though it is a nice, giant, chubby kitty. And a superhero! 

Facts: definitely the biggest custom stuffed animal I've ever made. Maybe the longest time I spent with turning a drawing into a 3D cuddly toy (errrr, it's not easy to cuddle this kitty...). And a pretty lot of time spent together. I felt the flat was empty without him when I arrived home from the post office...
The biggest custom stuffed animal I've ever sewn
Even its hairs on the top of his head were sewn one by one
Big crazy cat plushie for a big kid

Bonus pic entitled "Behind every successful man giant cat there is a woman":

Me and the giant cat plushie - sorry for the moustache... its fixable :-)

Óriás macska, aki olaszul fog nyávogni Londonban. Pláne, ha a bajsza így össze van kuszálódva.