Monday, 30 September 2013

Cute family

Statistics: 5 softies from 3 drawings of 2 girls = 1 family.

Lauren undertook the task of drawing their parents - it's them :-) She says they are cute, and the softies will be given to their father by their mum as a memento.

Kirsten, 4 years old:

Lauren, 10 years old (when she saw my website, she immediately sat at her desk to draw it:-):

Everybody together:

Én csak "hajas" családnak hívtam őket. Apát és anyát annyit kellett fésülgetnem varrás közben, meg hát festeni is kellett a hajukat, hogy tisztára fodrásznak éreztem magam. A nagylány hajával is volt bíbelődnivaló bőven... A kislány frufruját pedig már csak azért sem akartam a fejére nyalva hagyni!:-)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Chubby & fluffy

A little horse for Arianna's brother, who is turning 20 and loves stuffed animals. He drew the chubby horse in the summer and said to his sister: "I wish you could make drawings real!" And Arianna found me :-)

She wanted a fluffy brown horse with black mane and whitish nose, made from as soft fabric as possible, and one that isn't too small or too big - preferably a good size to be able to sit in the palm of one hand. So here he is! 

Egy maréknyi pihe-puha ló.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Frog in black

This is the second softie I made for Antonio. He is so good to me - he feels responsible for my professional development :-) This must be the reason why he asked me to turn his wife into a softie first, then to make this frog puppet for him. Both were something I had never done, so I searched the web for tutorials, experimented a lot, made mistakes, and finally produced the softies. Now I know there are so-called "foam puppets", I used this method to make the frog's head. And the frog can "speak". I was in trouble because his body was too small for a hand, so finally his mouth can be moved through an opening on his nape. But I found no tutorial for a solution like this... I had to go my own way -I hope it works for Antonio.

Kísérleti béka pöttyös tappancsokkal. Első lépés a napszemüveg volt, a többit már "csak" hozzá kellett igazítani... Meg egy kézhez méretezni, hogy tudja mozgatni a száját - ez volt Antonio kívánsága, semmi több :-)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

58 hearts

It's a comforting fairy for Addy (7), who lost her grandmother, for whom she did the drawing. Addy's mom was redoing her daughter's room and she thought this softie would be the perfect touch on the bed.
She loved the hearts all around the fairy, so she came up with the idea of a blanket. And I loved her idea! What a useful blanket for a fairy - indispensable on cold nights or when having a picnic with Addy and other fairies. I sewed 58 hearts for the fairy and her blanket altogether :-)

Tündér egy tündéri mama kislányának - az 58 szív úgy jön ki, hogy van 4 a ruha hátulján is. Még szép...

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


My niece is a horse-addict. It is a severe addiction, she has tons of horse plushies. Some of them made by me... So it was just a matter of time when she asks me to make a horsy necklace. It was her idea to make three separate pendants in a row. I know what to do if I ever run out of ideas - I'll employ her as a designer :-)

Alternative way of use - a pirate girl :-)

Tesóm attól tartott, az unokahúgom legfrissebb ötletét nem tudom majd kivitelezni. Göndörödő sörény és lófarok ilyen apróban?! Na jó, itt-ott csaltam kicsit, de azért meglett :-)

Friday, 6 September 2013

A first-drawing-softie

This drawing was made by Noah, 3. It was the first "real" drawing he ever made, that's why his mom would have liked a softie of it. 

Ausztrál eredetiből. Ott lehet valami a levegőben, a gyerekek nagyon tutikat festenek... Ezt is szerettem például.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I know it's not a businesslike statement at all, but there are commissions I would even pay for to get...:-)
For example this mouse from Italy, drawn by a 6-year-old boy.

Jó, tudom, hogy kevesen szeretnének bele ebbe a rajzba első látásra, de úgy látszik, nekem fura az ízlésem... 20 lábat varrtam neki. A rajzon természetesen csak az egyik oldala látszik az egérnek, és nyilván nem a hasa alján, középen vannak egy sorban a lábak - roppant életszerűtlen lenne ugyebár :-)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Rare moment: you can have a glimpse of the very beginning of a career! Anna is learning children's book illustration, and this is a drawing she did when she was a little girl. Now she's a bit bigger girl, she even has a boyfriend, and her boyfriend has a big heart - and this is the result of a big heart and love: a soft birthday crocodile.

Anna's boyfriend was very helpful and shared his ideas with me about how to change the black and white drawing into a colourful 3D creature. And he said there was an enormous smile on his face when he saw the final photos...:-) Let me tell you about my favourite detail, the teeth. It would have been easier to use felt for them, but I had a feeling felt wouldn't suit this crocodile. So I invented silk croc teeth! I made little triangles from white silky ribbon, I sewed them in a row, and that was the kind of denture I was satisfied with.

And finally I decided to make an extra softie from the drawing for the croc not to be alone - a brave little fish.

Újabb szerelmes fiú ajándéka a kedvesének. Igen, csak három lábat varrtam neki, mert tetszett, hogy három különböző díszítésű lábon imbolyog - és ilyenkor lehet szolgaian másolni a rajzot :-)