Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Frog in black

This is the second softie I made for Antonio. He is so good to me - he feels responsible for my professional development :-) This must be the reason why he asked me to turn his wife into a softie first, then to make this frog puppet for him. Both were something I had never done, so I searched the web for tutorials, experimented a lot, made mistakes, and finally produced the softies. Now I know there are so-called "foam puppets", I used this method to make the frog's head. And the frog can "speak". I was in trouble because his body was too small for a hand, so finally his mouth can be moved through an opening on his nape. But I found no tutorial for a solution like this... I had to go my own way -I hope it works for Antonio.

Kísérleti béka pöttyös tappancsokkal. Első lépés a napszemüveg volt, a többit már "csak" hozzá kellett igazítani... Meg egy kézhez méretezni, hogy tudja mozgatni a száját - ez volt Antonio kívánsága, semmi több :-)

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