Thursday, 15 May 2014

Poppy in heaven

Poppy was the name of Olivia's grandfather, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly some weeks ago. Olivia (she is 5 years old) drew this picture of him in heaven, and her mom asked me to turn the drawing into a soft toy, hoping it would be a healing present to help her with her sadness.
Custom stuffed grandpa doll to give comfort
The only comment of Olivia's mom was to point out the black on top of his head was in fact a hat- Poppy always wore a hat, so that was an important component...
Olivia's grandpa
It may seem strange to some of you that a custom doll like this can give comfort to a little girl. But I'm sure mothers know what's best for their kids. You know the strange thing is, that the week I received the email of Olivia's mom, I had almost the same request from an old customer of mine: she wants me to make grandpa plushies for her daughters, because their grandpa is very ill, and she hopes the softies will comfort the girls when their beloved grandpa passes. Softie making is not always just joy and happiness...

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