Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Nobody doll

Erin's daughter's favourite book is about a little girl with "nobody to keep her company", so her mother makes her a "nobody" doll for her birthday.  This new "nobody softie" was made for Erin's little daughter, who celeberates her 4th birthday in July.

You know my opinion about copyright: I need a permission to work with others' ideas. And Erin asked for the author's permission to use the illustration from the book:) Patience Brewster, the author says that they used to make these dolls, and she is happy to hear that someone is still reading Nobody and that a little girl loves her story so much that she wanted her own Nobody doll.

Régi mese, új baba. Erin kislánya annyira szereti ezt a történetet, hogy a mamája megszerezte az írónő engedélyét, hogy használhassuk a könyv illusztrációját. És született egy Nobody-baba.

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