Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Spring plushies

First of all a custom stuffed doll for Maia - when the softie arrived, her mom overheard Maia walking around with the doll saying "I love my doll, I love my doll.":-))))
I love copying the details of a drawing as precisely as possible
This commission was placed by a friend of Maia's family from Luxemburg, but the doll was delivered to the US. The lady in Luxemburg was quite sad about the fact that she wouldn't be able to see the doll in flesh.... So I decided to make a little compensation for her: a greeting card with Maia's drawing.
This time the drawing was turned not only into a custom plushie but into a unique card as well
And the next soft toy is a giraffe to Hong Kong. I counted the exclamation marks in the email about the plushie's arrival - there were 8 of them...:)
Josephine's drawing was not a simple one - but even the most complicated drawing can be turned into a plush version! :-)
Some little extras:
A soft toy's way from the beginning to the end
Finally Lilly's custom stuffed doll, the Austrian princess softie and her plush doggie Swiffer:
Lilly Princess softie and her soft companion

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