Thursday, 8 May 2014


Not mine, of course!:) Four-year-old Marlowe created her self-portrait at school, and now she can introduce the 3D version to her original work of art.

Little secrets of how things happen on my desk: Marlowe's mom imagined a more or less 2D softie with dotted or striped back. And I said yes. But when I started working on the doll, all my ideas were 3D........ it was late night, I couldn't ask her if she agreed to change the original idea, so I took a deep breath and followed my instincts, and sewed the softie in 3D. It was almost finished, when all of a sudden came the idea of a little bow in Marlowe's hair - just to keep the idea of dottedness (does this word exist...?) and it reminded me of the flower in the picture I had about the wall at school with Marlowe's painting on it. What a relief it was, when her mom said she liked this version. And look what else she wrote to me :-))):

"I love it!!!  Thank you so much. I love the bow.  Marlowe actually wears a bow in her hair exactly like that each day."

Svájci önarckép masnival, pontosan tíz ujjal (a ciklámen dudorkák nem azok:-)), 3D szempillákkal.

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