Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Stickpeople softies

This time we have to use this politically correct term, because these soft toys are women and men, girls and boys from around the whole wide world.

First two plushies for Fiona's family:
Custom stuffed dolls can dance, too!
Esmi's daughter drew a picture of herself: "A brown hair girl with green and red hair barrettes with black shoes ;)"
Esmi's drawing into a happy softie

One of Bogica's last drawings turned into a doll for her father:

A plushie to comfort a daddy
Connor drew himself together with his baby brother:

Cute brothers turned into cute plushies
And "Grandma's hair sticks up in the morning when she wakes up" - a kid's drawing with the longest title I've ever seen :-)

Make your own stuffed grandma ;-)

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