Monday, 1 June 2015

Stuffed animals with and without wings

How to classify a big bunch of soft toys? Well, check whether they can fly or not!

First the ones that can fly. Or at least they have wings...:)
Greg's green goose
Christa's graceful ostrich drawing turned into a soft version

A penguin in pink - adults can create their own toys, too ;)
Another playful adult's cuddly toy
He has wings, doesn't he?!:)

Mousebro plush, the mixture of a Wyvern and a mouse, of course

Finally a kid's drawing, and a classic one: Rainbow Pegasus Unicorn

And the plushies that still wait for their wings:

Ellie's pandas, big and small custom stuffed cuties

Cherie's reborn squid toy

Platybunny plush for Sara's "other half"

Anniversary stuffed toy crab for Mauro's girlfriend

Michael's caterpillar - cuddly toys for adult, too!:)

Daniel's mammoth softie
Ethan's plush dino and the happy designer
And two very clever sisters, who can read my mind - so one of them drew a bird, the other one a unicorn :-)
Two kids' drawings to choose a detail from - hard job, isn't it?

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