Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Cats again

I haven't made exact statistics but I dare say cats are one of the most popular animals put on paper by kids. And yes, tigers are cats, too! Just a little bigger and wilder ones.

Daisy's Crazy Color Cat drawing coming to life:
Daisy designed her own stuffed cat
Sweet little white kitty by Anoushka:
This is a really, really soft toy!
And finally Fluffy, the tiger softie for Emma!

Fluffy has a story: Royal Mail is usually very reliable, but this time it was slower than ever... which means Fluffy didn't arrive in time to wait for Emma under the Christmas tree. Emma's mom found out a story for her daughter: "Santa noticed the elves hadn't written Fluffy on your tiger's chest, and he only noticed when they were loading the sleigh. So he has sent Fluffy back to the elves workshop for them to add Fluffy's name and make her perfect. He'll have to though send Fluffy by post from the North Pole and she'll arrive in a few days." And the story with a print out photo of Fluffy plushie worked! :-)
Another kid's drawing born as a stuffed animal

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