Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Makayla's hippo was my 300th softie. And for a long time I thought it was lost... Later we learnt that it had probably been stuck in the US customs, and the day when it arrived safe and sound was the best day of that week!! :-)

The order for the hippo was placed by Makayla's aunt. She is such a lovely lady, she was so patient and understanding while we were waiting for the news about the hippo package. And she did everything in secret: nobody in the family knew about the softie project, so we had to wait until she visited Makayla's family -  quite naturally she wanted to deliver the hippo in person and not to take the risk sending the hippo in the mail one more time!

And now the 300th softie, created by Makayla (she was 6 when the hippo was born in paper) and me:

artist and her creature having a rest :-)

hippos in their original habitat

A kis dagi volt a 300. firkajószág, ami elkészült. Nagyon lassan ért Amerikába - mondjuk, mit csodálkozom, ilyen testtel és kurta lábakkal nyilván eltartott egy darabig a séta...


  1. What a beautiful job you did on the Hippo, and number 300 - what an honor for Jen purchasing it for Makayla and for Makayla to be the new owner!!