Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Knight after knight

I made a softie for Joe last summer, it was Fireknight. His mum says, he loves the softie to bits and still takes to bed with him :-). It's Joe's birthday tomorrow, and he asked for a new softie: a brawling buddy for Fireknight - so Galacta knight is born!

Something else: I have a friend with whom I sometimes share my thoughts on softies, and I was speaking about Galacta knight so zealously, that I had to promise him I would write about this phase of softie making here, on the blog. Okay, this was in my mind when I was thinking about Galacta: he has to be the same size as Fireknight (equal opportunities, you know), but his body should be rounded, but not too rounded, because if he looks like a ball, he'll be too big for Fireknight. And what are those spots on the black cross? Eyes? Anything else? (I asked for help, and Joe's mum did her best:-)) And the shield: it should be convex to protect the knight properly... and how to make the back of it? I figured out that Galacta had two arms, one of them invisible because of the shield (as you can see I'm pretty smart :-)), but how to make the hand to be able to hold the shield? And how to put the pinkish-orangish cross on it? And the pike! (My first thought was that was blood on it... I am still not sure, the colour in Joe's drawing is not blood-colour... maybe aliens' blood has a different shade, who knows...?) Finally I made the pike rounded as well - all pikes look like this, don't they? And shall I make the legs from some silvery fabric? I have a feeling that Joe may envisage them a bit silvery... Phew, and the wings......... it may sound surprising, but I was in big trouble with them. What material to use for them? There is no room for sewing allowance, so it should be something that is not pilling, but not felt, because in my opinion felt doesn't suit a knight's wings - I am sure you understand why. Some kind of lace? No, too girlish... So the good old first idea: fleece. Trimmed thoroughly around all the edges! Well, this is how a softie is built.

And the main point: Joe was delighted to see his new softie. Best part of the story :-)

The two buddies:

Joe serege újabb lovaggal gyarapodott, ezentúl közös edzéseket tarthatnak!

"A magyar nyelv szemlátomást tömörebb, mint az angol! :-)" - idézet egy kritikustól....

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