Monday, 14 October 2013

Giveaway monster

It was Katherine, who won my summer giveaway, so I turned her son, Alei's monster into a softie. I love Alei because when Katherine showed him my blog and he was scrolling through the photos, he kept saying: "How does she get the stuffed animal to look JUST like the picture?":-) I hope he is satisfied with his own softie as well.

New aspect in softie making: cat-proofness! I imagined this creature quite hairy, so I asked Katherine if it was okay to use hairy fabric for the body. She asked me not to do that as they have two cats, and she was afraid that a hairy monster body would become even more hairy because of the cats... so we chose some very soft matte brown fabric instead.

Would you recognize him?
Nyári nyeremény-softie őszi színben.

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