Thursday, 7 November 2013

Orange-purple monster

Another Christmas present: a pretty girlish monster for an "almost-5-year-old" girl to Germany. 5 arms, countless fingers, two ears - yes, two! First I thought there was only one of them, but if you have a closer look at the head, you can see the pink lines of the other ear. Just to be sure I asked for the parents' help, and they agreed. And this is what they wrote back to me on getting the final photos: "We would like to welcome the monster in person as soon as possible in our family." :-)

now it's easy to answer my facebook quiz question!

Kifejezetten lányos szörny. Tehát bársonyosra varrtam, és szerencsére azt is időben észrevettem, hogy a hajak és fülek háttere nem narancssárga, hanem rózsaszín! Arra az esetre, ha valakinek kétségei lennének, hogy egy szörnylányról van szó.

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