Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Feathers, or not feathers?

That's the question.
Feathers were a significant part of this commission: Kael's brother asked me to cover the skin with them. So I did. I mean I used real feathers. The result was a disaster... But we didn't give up, and all of a sudden I sat down and created some feather-embroidery. I know there must be others who have already discovered how to give the illusion of plumage, but anyway, I was so happy to see that the embroidered feathers worked.
I hope Kael (5) thinks his bird looks good with all the feathers and snakes, of course!:-)

plumage, plumage.....

Nápolyi jómadár. 27 centiméteres, kígyókat leterítő. Vagy szövetkeznek..?

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