Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Dibb

Hans-Marius is a 12-year-old boy from Norway, and he needed this softie very much. It wasn't his father or  mother, who contacted me, he did it himself. I could use my own words to tell you the story, but a short quote from his email will work better, I think:

"Here's the image :) He's a cuddly little guy and he loves to hug! He's from a colourful planet far, far away! He's the one that came to earth by his wings, which he can take out and in (I'm not good at drawing wings so they're not out right now.)
He really wanted to be my friend, but he doesn't exist yet."
Well, the Dibb exists in 3D from now on, and he was very excited to leave for Norway to meet his designer.

p.s. I asked if I had to make the wings but Hans-Marius said the softie would be okay without them.
 Alapos egyeztetést folytattunk Hans-Marius-szal az összes részletről: firkajószág formája, farok helye, szőrszín (végül a harmadik változat lett a befutó), lábak elhelyezkedése, fül és orr színének módosítása, narancssárga pöttyök sárgára cserélése. Ja, és azt is kérte, kapjon a firkababa egy kis címkét is az oldalába. Színes betűkkel. Kapott. Most mindenki elégedett:-)