Tuesday, 6 August 2013

"Only you"

Emily's little guy and girl made me laugh immediately, so it was a fun project. Slow but fun. Small and even smaller softies, because Emily wanted to have some keyring softies as well. Never ever before I was experimenting so much with materials, colours and solutions...

It was the first colour scheme, which later we decided to change. I forgot to take new photos with the recoloured softies, but I loved these ones so much...

 And the keyring softies, plus a late night photo of the whole team:

The little lady is still in her voodoo phase in this photo:

Here you can visit Emily's page to see stories of her funny people:

Ezek a mini és még minibb firkabébik Emily-nek készültek. Amilyen picik, olyan sokáig tartott kikísérletezni őket. És milyenek lennének óriásiban...?

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much Emese :)
    you have done a very great job , I really love them so so much
    And thank you so much for your patient , so I can have those wonderful and funny softies.!!!

    Best ,