Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Softies again

Return of a lazy blogger but diligent plushie-maker...

Let's start with some portraits and self-portraits!
Let me be a bit partial, so first please meet Rachel from Hungary:

Never too late to make a soft toy from your kid's drawing - it's a 21th birthday gift!

And this is a mom with her son from Mexico (I was sent a photo of the plushies sitting on a shelf in their final home):

Custom stuffed mom and son

Three-year-old Emmie is a colorful personality from the US, and I loved working with her drawing:

I was asked to add arms and legs to Emmie's stick figure

An Australian mom asked me to go crazy regarding the colors when turning her son's drawing into a doll:

the mom seems to be happy with the result :-)

And finally a soft self-portrait with a plush car! Any questions..? Why not with a car?! :-) 

How to make your self-portrait drawing into a unique art of work!

As you can see, Ryan, who drew the self-portrait above is not kidding: let there be cars everywhere!

Softies at home - with even more cars...

Surprised that Ryan created both his toys with an additional car...?

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