Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Robots, monsters and other strange creatures

When you don't post for a long time, you can allow yourself to dedicate a whole post to partly or not-at-all human softies. 

These robots went to a school in Australia:

This smiling one has long been living with Alec in the Netherlands:

Alec's custom stuffed robot plushie with his signature on the back

Alec is the designer of this other creature, too - and he was only four when he drew the green and orange alien!

This drawing was easier to be turned into a pillow - too many arms... :-)

Sewing Meyer's (6) Robot Monster was a therapy - I loved the rhythm of colours and the accuracy of his design.

This carefully designed drawing was a pleasure to sew into a toy!

Kid's drawing, but made with a special drawing programme - Molly's Blue Man from Norway:

Strong soft guy

A softie for a husband's 35th birthday - he drew it when he was a child. M-80 explosive in one hand, heart in the other one - any idea what it means..?

A childhood drawing kept for decades - and finally born as a 3D softie

"Monster in crayon" - that's the title of this beloved monster, which was sent to 5-year-old Jason to Australia:

And another therapeutical softie for me, hand-sewn dragon monster for Jaden in the US. Hand stitches make me feel good... :-)


  1. These are absolutely amazing and fun, Emese! You are super talented!

    1. Thank you so much, Mark, it makes me happy you like my softies!