Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Alex's anniversary present

What would your first idea be when asked to embroider a "30" on a basketball?

Birthday plushie?!

That it's for a birthday, am I right? Well, I was wrong, 30 is the number of Alex's favourite NBA player :-)
Self-portrait drawing into a plushie
One of the best parts of making this plushie was to create the basketball. First to find out how many pieces should be used to sew this sphere (yes, 8, as a basketball is divided into 8 sections), how to draw them (it's all about some geometry), how to put them together (good old blanket stitches), how to make the ball sturdy enough (I hid a tabletennis ball inside), how to create the black lines (I used very narrow ribbon with Vliesofix), how to add the number "30" (it's embroidered on an elliptic piece of yellow cotton) - and it was just the basketball. I haven't talked about the cap, the trainers, the T-shirt or the jeans. Next time, guys :-)

As I'm not brave enough to turn photos of you into soft toys, but the softie was for a lovely returning customer, so I didn't want to say no, I asked them to turn the photos into drawings first - youngsters use Snapchat to do this :-) And it is a first anniversary gift, so I added Rachel, too:

A first-anniversary softie
 Okay, let's see a close-up:
Alex, Rachel, love
Details of a soft basketball player

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