Friday, 21 April 2017

Post-Easter Plushie Post

Quite frankly, it happened all by accident I was sewing a bunny right before Easter: March 25th was the 19th birthday of a boy, whose mom I love very much. We haven't known each other for a long time but I was so grateful to her that I wanted to give her a special gift. And what am I good at? Well, yes, turning kids' drawings into stuffed animals. I was a bit excited when she showed me her son's drawing - what if I didn't like it...? But tell me, is there anyone, who could not love this bunny?! (By the way, this toy & drawing won the Bunny World Beauty Contest on my Facebook page - nobody's surprised, I suppose.)

I received some photos of Krisztina's son when opening his birthday present - the smile on his face is priceless. He had no idea it was possible to make your drawings come alive, and even if you're a 19-year-old boy, you're touched by seeing the bunny drawn at the age of 6 turned into a plushie.

I am pretty sure when kids draw something, they are copying something that exist in 3D in their mind. They create their own toys in their mind, and all I have to do is to translate their ideas into 3D - to create custom stuffed animals and dolls tailored as close to dreams as possible. An important job, I think...

Next year I'll try to create a pre-Easter post with bunnies, I promise!

when your childhood drawing is made into your own stuffed bunny

Olyan régóta nem írtam már a posztok végére magyarul, de ezentúl igyekszem :-)

A foltos nyulat egy fantasztikus masszőrnő fiának varrtam, és imádtam. Gondosan kipöttyöztem mindkét oldalát, bár a 19 éves gazdája valószínűleg nem játszani fog vele, hanem csak álldogál majd a nyúl egy polcon. De pöttyök kellenek akkor is mindenhova, anélkül felemás lenne szegény jószág! És tessék egy bónusz kép a karcsú nyusziról:

stuffed bunny plushie with spots on both side - she deserves them!

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