Thursday, 9 March 2017

International Women's Day

I know I'm a bit late with this post but yesterday I was busy celebrating... ;-)
Here come some girls and women from all around the world - first of all Beida's pink plush girl, who has flown to Florida:

Beida's custom stuffed doll in pink

And then four and a half year old Maude's birthday plushie to Germany: a little Indian girl with fairy wings - perfect mix, isn't it?

handmade by Maude and me

I like working with kids' drawings, but don't mind at all turning an adult's drawing into a plushie: this time an Asian girl to Singapore with some instructions from the artist: black hair, beige skin, a small body, an orange T-shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of thongs - softie list ticked off!

this is how you can turn your self-portrait into a custom plushie

Please meet Lidi, a Hungarian girl through her younger sister's eyes - when I saw Lola's drawing, my very first idea was she had drawn a fairy: the girl definitely seems to be flying, don't you agree?!

plush sister coming to life from a drawing

As you can see, Janea's twin girls in Canada are committed Halloween fans. They were longing for two animatronic figures, but their mom thought that two plushies would suit more her 6 year olds. She had hundreds of drawings to choose from :-) So Eamma, the grave watcher and Nursey, the convulsive nurse have been together with the girls since last autumn.

the winner drawings turned into softies

Arlen from Australia is 5 1/2 years old, and she does tons of drawings, but this is her latest and her mom just loves it! She wasn't sure whether the animal was a dog or a cat - in my mind there is no doubt that it is a doggie. Or a cat on a leash... not absolutely impossible... Anyway, it made a pretty custom stuffed animal, no matter what you call it :-)

  See you next Women's Day! Oh no, hopefully much, much sooner! :-)

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