Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Usagi, the little panda

 Chris is a nice guy for several reasons. He has had this old panda for about 13! years - they have travelled to 4 continents and gone on numerous hikes together. Chris and his girlfriend were celebrating their 5th anniversary not long ago, and he wanted to give a special gift to her. This was the idea he came up with, a little replica of the old plushie to remind her of the times already spent together. There was one little change I was asked to do: to make Usagi II stuffier than his older brother.
I loved how extremely precise Chris was when giving me the necessary details of Usagi, the old panda: he said Usagi was 15.1 cm tall! Not a millimeter shorter or taller :-) Guys are great :-)  I also got a photo of the two panda guys - it was quite embarrassing to see them together... in my mind they are so real and unreal at the same time...

p.s. I have a dinner invitation from Chris in Hawaii - all I need now is someone who would like to invite me for a flight ticket...:-)

proof of youth

old and young
Ifjú panda Hawaii-ra - direkt van jobb húsban, mint idősebb rokona.

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