Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bunny with butterfly wings

I love Finnish animals - their design is very sophisticated!
I've already turned a Finnish giraffe into a softie, and now it was 4-year-old Meea's bunny, that enchanted me. I had a very precise despcription of the details from her mom, and we discussed the question of arms as well. As usual, the artist was asked about the problem:

"I asked about the arms earlier and Meea said: "Mom, she is holding them behind her!" (And looked me like the way little girls do, when moms and dads are asking stupid questions.) So it would be nice to have them back there. :)"

There are softies that are a bit more difficult to let go... I loved the bunny, I loved the way I had to handstitch all her little spots, I loved making the little portrait on her T-shirt...

self-portrait on the T-shirt

Kétéltű finn nyuszi: otthonos földön és levegőben is.

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