Tuesday, 4 June 2013

King Moose

"I loved this project so much." This is how I wanted to start this post. But I immediately realized it wasn't very original, as I have started so many of my posts with this sentence. But this is the truth. There are so many softies I love making - no, not all of them, but luckily enough most of them. And King Moose was definitely one them! A lovely request from lovely people.

It was a request from Austria, and King Moose was drawn by Trystan (12) for someone, who collects mooses, and Trystan wanted to surprise him with a unique one. Quite obviously King Moose became the ruler of the moose collection (and I enjoyed making his crown so much - sorry, another not-very-original statement...). He has a zipper on his stomach, because he is a moose with an exciting life and lots of experience. He is not young at all, so he had to look oldish and dignified. His arms are wide open because he has a very big heart - these were the things Trystan asked me to keep in mind when making the softie.

The pocket on his tummy was so empty. I was satisfied with its checked lining, but something was missing. And all of a sudden I had the idea: I sewed a big heart for him and I put in the pocket. Trystan liked it.

Trystan was very proud to have his drawing turned into a real softie. This is what he said on getting the photos of the softie:  "there is no chance for another moose on this world to become the king moose, because our king moose is the only one, the best and the most kingly and friendly moose."

Sokat megélt, barátságos uralkodó egy osztrák szarvas-kollekció élére.

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