Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Boyfriend softie

Batzy wanted a softie of her boyfriend made from photos. I usually turn down orders like this, because it is so difficult to capture someone's facial expression on a plushie. The only exception I've made so far was a lovely grandmother from Germany - that softie had to be very simple, as it was for a newborn baby.
But Batzy made such a lovely and detailed list of her wishes, that finally I decided to say yes. Her boyfriend Zack is chubby, wears glasses, has a beard and a blonde streak in his hair. He usually wears dark grey shorts and black T-shirts. I was asked to sew the T-shirt with "Darkgard3n" written on it, plus Zack had to hold a camera in one hand, as he is a photographer. That's all :-)
And the best part of the story: the softie arrived in time for their anniversary!

Firkapasi - kivételesen elvállaltam, bár ilyen firkababát varrni őrült nehéz és rizikós. Szerencsére a megrendelő és a megajándékozott is elégedett volt :-)