Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dancing dinos

No, dinos are not extinct. Not at all. At least not here in Hungary. You just have to be very patient to be able to take photos of them. There is a secret valley where you can find them on your lucky days. Well, I am a pretty patient person, so now you have the great opportunity to see two very rare Hungarian forest dinos (Dinonicus Silvestricus Hungaricus). They are dancing - it's their favourite passtime. The black one is the male dino. It looks as if he is playing the double bass, but this is not the case. Believe me, not your eyes: they are dancing after a pleasant dinner. 
Oh yes, the sketch was made by my niece Emma, nearly 6.

Ritka dinoszauroszok lencsevégre kapva. Megint az unokahúgom keze van a dologban, ő figyelte meg először a ritka jószágokat, és készített róluk egy hevenyészett rajzot - gyorsnak kellett lennie, a dínók nem voltak hajlandók sokáig modellt állni neki.