Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Birdy giveaway

Welcome everyone! It is so funny, isn't it? One lucky winner will get two!! packages from two different countries: one from Lucia from the Netherlands, and one from me from Hungary! Lucia makes wonderful pictures so I did not hesitate for a second when she asked me if I felt like collaborating with her in a giveaway. The only serious problem was how to choose just one from  her drawings...? It was a hard decision :-) Here you can see the result, and here you can win both the drawing and the softie: Kireei.

Összeszövetkeztünk Luciával, aki tüneményes képeket rajzol-fest-batikol papírra. Azt találta ki, varrjak meg egyet a jószágai közül, amit aztán elajándékozunk az eredeti képpel együtt. Íme, végre publikus az eredmény:-)


  1. I hope I sign up for the drawing by posting a comment because I think they are both wonderful! Your gallery slideshow is great!

    1. I think you should comment at the post on Kireei!
      And thanks you for your kind words:-)

  2. Your work is beautiful! I like the little blue bird the best. It reminds me of a fantasy peacock. Sweet!!

  3. Quiero participar, en el sorteo!