Friday, 4 January 2013


These minis are somewhere between 12-15 centimeter. Although usually the smaller a softie is, the more difficult my job can be, I loved sewing these ones.

First two doggies for a grandma in Austria. They were her beloved Chihuahuas, called Hexi and Speedy, and this is the way her granddaughter saw them when she was a little girl.

This is Dashiell's unique black and neon green man, which is now a special piece in a collection of little "dolls". We loved the idea of this oversized head with a tiny body - and the stars and moon could find their place on the body. My favourite detail was the small creature with flaming hair flying up in the wind. And it is such a good feeling to find a nice solution for difficult details like this.

This monkey was a big favourite of mine - it was for an adult's birthday from a drawing that was done as a child. Quite obviously I used shades of brown, added a tail, and I was so happy to read Richard's email: "That is really fantastic - just how I had hoped it would be!"

Mini firkababák ide-oda. Emlék kiskutyák egy osztrák nagyinak karácsonyra, ahogy annak idején látta őket az unokája. Három darab prototípust varrtam belőlük, mire olyanok lettek (nagyjából...), ahogyan szerettem volna.
Izgi kisember Amerikába, egy mini figurákból álló gyűjteménybe. Legnagyobb büszkeségem az volt, mikor kitaláltam, hogyan lehet a feje tetején kapaszkodó még minibb lény karját megcsinálni úgy, hogy szép legyen, de meg is tartsa a testét.
És végül egy angol kismajom, aki hatalmas szerelem volt!

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