Monday, 10 December 2012


Elephanty was drawn by James and this is what I learnt about the drawing from his mum's letter:

'The drawing was inspired by a story of several blind mice who examine different parts of an elephant and each one comes to a very different conclusion about what kind of an animal an elephant is, based on its examination of only one small part of the animal.  Here is what James himself told me about the drawing:

I drew an elephant. The snake's its trunk because is kind of glossy. The big fat thing is his body. The two pipe cleaners twisted together is the tail. My favorite part is how long I made the trunk, because the trunk goes out of the picture and it's supposed to. My least favorite part is how I scribble-scrabbled on my legs. I wish I had done more solid coloring on the fan and the legs. But the fan still looks really pretty. There were five blind mice. The first one thought the legs were pillars. The second one thought the tail was rope. The third one thought the trunk was a big snake. The fourth one thought the ear was a big fan. The fifth one ran and ran and ran and ran across its back and he thought it was an elephant. I wouldn't change anything.'

James lerajzolta a mesebeli elefántot, ahogyan a vak kisegerek elképzelték őt. A mamájának pedig annyira tetszett a rajz, hogy firkababát kért belőle a karácsonyfa alá. Külön kérte, hogy a fül mindenképpen legyezőszerű legyen, az ormányt pedig hagyjam hosszúra. Az a kis kékség a rajzon a lábak között az ég!

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