Friday, 7 December 2012


Some softies for Xmas. First a brown doggie for Ella in Ireland:

A butterfly and rainbow for two nieces in Hong Kong:

Bat Boy for Luke in America:

A special drawing - the head was made by the mother, the body was drawn by the father, and the whole softie is for their baby:

Michela's favourite cat to Rome:

And another Italian softie, a smiling baby girl for the artist:

I was asked to add the artist's name on the back of the softie. I couldn't resist adding it in a funny way...

Karácsonyi előzetes.


  1. I've just found you through Kireei and I have to say, your work is WONDERFUL!!!! they are so similar to children draws, the details, the colours, everything is just perfect!!!
    I've sometimes sewed what my daughter draws, for example this bag: