Saturday, 9 June 2012

Happy couple

I could hardly wait to post this bride and groom - they arrived in Germany two weeks ago but they are wedding gifts and we didn't want to spill the beans. The day has come today!

The drawing was made by the daughter of one of the couple's friends and it was ordered by another friend. As it was hanging on a door in the couple's house, some conspiracy was needed to get hold of it...

Here is the result:

And the original work of art:

And this is what their friend wrote to me smiley:

"the bride and groom have arrived, walking on tip-toe through a field of flowers, and accompanied by a really sweet little bird :-)

they are just *perfect* and i am 684% sure that the real couple will be charmed and delighted. in fact they will probably fall over... 

i spent hours just looking at every little detail :-) love the bows on the bride's shoes.. she has a fringe just like her doll's, and the groom's hair is also just like his doll's hair. ha ha! i am so looking forward to handing them over"

Congratulations, real(ly) happy couple!

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