Thursday, 28 June 2012

Doggie week

All by accident I was sewing dogs last week. The two big ones are now flying to Cyprus to meet their masters, Veronica and Sofia.

Sofia (9) drew the green doggie:

 And  the white doggie belongs to Veronica, who is 10 years old:

And here comes the smallest one, young Idefix. He is a remake, a birthday present for Marina's husband. When young Idefix arrives, old Idefix can enjoy retirement.

Young Idefix is still a bit shy but hopes to be able to take over all the duties from old Idefix.


  1. These are just SO GOOD - there is no stopping you!
    I would love to come and take sewing lessons with you! :D

    1. :-) Do come, please! You know, I have a free seat for anyone next to my sewing table :-)