Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Adventures of a plushie

I would be so curious to know about the life of the stuffed creatures I have made so far! Are they loved, are they played with, do the kids sleep with their soft toys or are they neglected after a while...?

Anyway, there is a plush cat I have info about: Marcell, my elder nephew's drawing sewn into a stripey softie. The life of Rainbow Cat II (you know, there is a Rainbow Cat I, the drawing was also made by Marcell) is pretty exciting, as you can see ;-)

First chapter from the adventures of a plush cat

A cat's dreams come true: first time on the beach

Getting across Oresund bridge
Brave guy

Training for a circus show in Vaxholm
Rainbow Cats
And last but not least, it seems Marcell created this toy not only for himself but for his mom, too... :-)

Flower Power Plush Cat

Have you got photos of a custom plushie I made for you? Why don't you send them to me? We would be so happy to see them here! Come on, don't be shy! :-)

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