Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Autumn plushie harvest

An extremely dangerous shark from George's (5) drawing.
Custom stuffed sharks are just as dangerous as the real ones - so be careful!
A purple, white and Coca Cola red bird by Laura. Laura is not a kid, she's the mom of a little boy, but it's not only kids whose drawings are allowed to be turned into soft toys! ;-)
Hey, grown-ups, you can create your own toys, too! Don't be shy!
A very special drawing into a custom plushie: Justin's self-doodle has a story, so if you are interested in it, please read this article.
My custom stuffed skateboarder plush in its home with the designer
"Mad Mommy" doll by Sydney (4)
A handmade mad mom doll
Girl in pink and white - the drawing was made when Melanie's daughter was a little girl, and this is given to her for her 16th birthday.
Best birthday gift idea: your own drawing turned into a doll
Two softies for a sister and brother, No1. "Self-portrait with butterflies" by Emily (4.5)
Even the most complicated drawing can be turned into a custom pillow :-)
No2. Callie, the tricolor cat by Mitchell (7)
Cats are the most popular custom stuffed animals, no doubt!
Reinhold and his friendly Yeti by Sandy.
Could you create your own toys, too? ;-)
And Raffaella's (6) Fairy Princess, who uses her wand to make the sun and moon rise - let's be grateful to Raffaella! :)
One of the most graceful drawings I ever turned into a custom doll

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