Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Joey, the custom stuffed Robot

... and Jo, the Dog. Both of them are birthday soft toys for 30-year-old Simonie from her mom and her brother. The drawings were made when Simonie was a child - the Robot does "everything" for her: he has a toothbrush and toothpaste tube plus a comb for brushing her teeth and hair, he has an ice cream for endless supply, and in his tummy he has an endless supply of money. Simonie's mom asked me to make a see through pocket and she undertook to provide real dollars in it. (I told her I hoped she could find an endless source of money:-)) Oh, and the Robot has a heart for best friendship!

As for Jo, it was not only a drawing, Simonie also created a story book about her dog. Her mom kept it, and gave her daughter the little republished story book together with the plushie. Twist in the story: Simonie herself is a mom now, whose little daughter loves cuddly toys and also loves books - guess what happened with these two birthday gifts? :-)
Joey, the useful custom stuffed robot
Jo - a childhood drawing turned into a softie version
Yes, a plush battery...

Jo, what are you doing?!

Szülinapi ajándékok egy harmincévesnek a hétévesen rajzolt kutyájából és robotjából.

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