Thursday, 17 April 2014

3 kids = 3 softies

My very first commission from Malaysia - isn't it exciting to know that your softies will be cuddled there? Well, for me it was exciting:) (For my postman it wasn't at all! He's always shocked to see the names of such "exotic" countries on my packages...)
A lovely mom with three kids, and one softie for each of them:

A "Rainbow Fish" for Jared (he was 6, when he drew the fish):

A "Happy Girl" for Chloe (9):

And a "Hungry Frog" for Joshua (5):

Everybody ready for the long journey:

Megint egy csomag, amitől frászt kapott a postásom - mintha Malajzia nem lenne rajta a térképen...:) De szépen teleragasztgatta a csomagot bélyegekkel!

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