Thursday, 18 April 2013

Nordic giraffe

Giraffes live all over the world - this is a Finnish one, drawn by Tilda (4) for her new-born baby brother. There was a party to celebrate the baby, and Tilda's aunt wrote these words about it:

"Today was the baby's name party. Tilda was SO EXCITED about the giraffe she couldn't wait to show it to everyone. People were really amazed and the giraffe was really a big talking point in the party. It's hard to describe but there was something really touching about the whole thing.. like you could really feel all the love Tilda has for his brother. She was showing the giraffe to everyone and then taking it back to him many times."

Szerettem azt a finn zsiráfot, jó volt a foltjait hímezgetni. Amik inkább csak pöttyök, olyan pinduri lett élőben is ez a firkababa. Már, ha a 25 centi fültől patáig annak számít... De egy újszülött kezébe ez a méret passzol :-)

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