Friday, 15 March 2013

Birds, love, romance...

... and French guys. I don't  know what was in the air in France in January, but I got two emails from two men just a few days apart. With two birds. Both in green. A miracle, isn't it? :-)
Well, the birds are for the boys' sweethearts.

Guillaume's auk:

And Fred's Choupinou - in French 'choupi' means 'cute', and 'choupinou' stands for 'cutie' more or less. The giant feathers on top of his head only stand like this when Choupinou is happy. Fred told me in their home the bird would always be happy!

p.s. 3D Choupinou and me celebrate our birthday on the same day.........:-)

Két jómadár - két szerelmes francia ajándéka egy feleségnek, egy barátnőnek.


  1. Thanks again, Emese. Choupinou is happy to be a star of internet.


    1. It was my pleasure to introduce him to the world :-)