Monday, 27 August 2012

The Ugly Queen

Her Royal Highness's full name is Queen Ugly-Mug I of Uglyland and she was drawn by Michelle, who is writing the story of her. When I saw the drawing, my first reaction was no. And the second one was also no. So I told Michelle that I was afraid this softie was beyond my ken. But she didn't give up :-) She gave me time to think it over and all of a sudden I started to feel like trying. Then a series of miracles started to happen: I could find a special way to form her body, I found the perfect orangey-pinky AND shiny fabric for her dress (pure silk of course!), all by accident I found some nice light blue pearls for her necklace, and I could make her wire-like hair - well, it is not only wire-like, it is actually soft wire.
She spent a lot of time sitting on my sofa - I miss her...

A csúnya királynőt először el sem akartam vállalni, aztán nagyon megszerettem. Amilyen nehéznek látszott eleinte, olyan szerencsém volt mindennel, ami kellett hozzá. Csak a dróthajával küzdöttem, de végül a hajbeültetés lett a megoldás. Itt ücsörgött nálam sokat, és mikor az egyik barátnőm meglátta, önkéntelenül fölkiáltott: "Úristen, de csúnya!" Soha nagyobb bókot :-)