Sunday, 29 July 2012


Emmi has a tiny little friend, Moki. Moki is so small that Emmi is the only one who can see him. To be more exact she has been the only one so far. Because when her mom became aware of the existence of softies, she asked Emmi if she would like to have a bigger Moki, big enough to be visible for her friends in the kindergarden for example. And Emmi sat down to draw Moki right away! Now I am allowed to show you Moki. There is only one thing you can't see: his eyes. Emmi asked me to make eyes for her friend, although she wasn't sure about their colour as she had never seen them. You know, Moki has never taken his hat off... Well, I've already seen his star-shaped blue eyes - but you have to imagine them :-)

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